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ÉSZAKERDŐ PLC engaged in the business of forestry is located in the north of Hungary,in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county. The area of forests operated and managed by them covers a total of 103.000 hectares,accounting for 7 per cent of the total areas of forests in Hungary. The overwhelming majority of its forests and woodland areas are given by the eastern regions of the forestries of the North Center Range of Mountains but 7.700 hectares of the corporation´s woodland area extends to the Great Hungarian Plain,as well.

The configurations of the terrain,soil and hydrographial conditions of the regions concerned are quite varied and consequently the arboriculture conditions of the areas broken by mountains and valleys also show a very varied picture. Though,in the present forest areas you can find also quick-growing and highly-yielding stocks,the areas where stands of unsatisfactory yield are grown are vast.Out of the aboriginal tree species chestnut oaks,Turkey oaks and beeches occupy two thirds of the woodland area,and the same species constitute 79 per cent of the total growing stock.

This woodland area equal in size to a whole county,as well as the forest property in it make the basis for the business of ÉSZAKERDŐ PLC Besides,this vast woodland serves also people´s benefit by integrating environmental consideration into the Forestry´s management policy.


Primary business activity

The primary business activity of North Hungarian Forestry Corporation is sylviculture.Forestry work is done by its 14 forestries intergated into the individual forestry sceneries and landsapes.

Wood is the only renewable raw material in the world.Sylviculture business is done by the corporation in a "sustainable" way stipulated by law.According to long-term sylvicultue plans,we exploit the cutting area steadily,in a controlled way by planting new stock instead of the felled one.We nurse and keep the young wood ,until it is felled,for pre-determined purposes.
In order to ensure the steadiness and evenness of this repeated cycle, ÉSZAKERDŐ PLC is striving to adopt an ecological,environment-friendly vyniculture practice.
This is the reason why we are busy at facilitating and promoting the natural renewal of woods.For afforestation and tree replacements we are growing
nursery stock characteristic of the given region.In our afforstation policy we include the planting of aboriginal dominant tree species and species consisting of single trees.These are the considerations we adhere to in our nursing and growing wood.In both the stock renewal,nursing and timbering stages we are endeavouring to create a diversity as close as possible to the natural.This is a precondition of creating a rich and harmonized forest ecology - a mission undertaken by our corporation on a continuous basis.

In the spirit of the above mission,our corporation makes an afforestation of 600 hectares per year as an average,hand over 600 hectares of new woodland area and performs nursing activity on 6000 hectares.
The annual growth of its woods is about 600.000 cubic meters of timber and only half of this is fell timber.

About three quarters of the felled timber goes,in cylindrical shape, as logs directly to the market for use by the industry or by heating.In order to make a better utilization of our timbers on the market,45.000 cubic meters of timber is processed in our saw mills and wood-processing plants.The traditional sawn wood-centered production and technology is being converted by an innovative product development strategy and practice of ÉSZAKERDŐ PLC.

The area operated by the North Hungarian Forestry Corporation is very rich in natural values. The conservation of these values are provided by protection features of different kinds. In the area of the corporation you can find the Bükk National Park and the Aggtelek National park and a part of our area,in the south, is extended even to the Hortobány National Park.In recent years several nature conservation districts have also been created within the boundaries of our corporations.
The protection ratio of our area is excellent..In one quarter of its total woodland area,ÉSZAKERDŐ PLC prioritizes nature protection and conservation ,i.e. does an environment-conscious timbering activity.

In order to protect nature and human surrounding,our Forestry endeavours to make its nature protection aims popular and known to population.For education purposes,we have created special "training paths" for children and adults where under professional guidance,they can enlarge and improve their knowledge of the animate and inanimate nature. Our Forestry has also joined the nation-wide "school in the forest" programme,the building and continuous improvement of which is undertaken by the Forestry to increase the quality of life of future generations.

Adorján Zay
general manager
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