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Domestic and foreign hunters can have boarding in the hunting lodges located in the central parts of the hunting areas.
These hunting lodges serve - during close season - also for broader tourist and catering purposes.

The hunting lodge in Háromhuta can accommodate 18 guests.
The hunting lodge in Bekénypuszta can accommodation for 8 guests it serves the accomodation of small groups.

Hunting lodge in Háromhuta
NTAK registration number: PA19001365
Classification: boarding house
Touristic Center and Ecohouse in Bekénypuszta
NTAK registration number: EG19004764
Classification: other accommodation

The company operates three tourist hostels with a not inconsiderable number of accommodations throughout the year. All of them can accommodate passengers of a full bus. In the Training Centre in Fónagyság full board, in Szelcepuszta and Répáshuta kitchens for preparing hot dishes are available for the guests. Out of the above mentioned the company operates so-called "key houses", that is guest-chambers, guest-houses of different comfort for 2-6 people.


Description of the accommodation

Total capacity

Managing directorate

Tourist home in Fónagyság
Well equipped, catering is managed by special personnel.
NTAK registration number: EG19013379 Classification: other accommodation



Forestry tourist home
It can be found in the forestry building in the village, well equipped.
NTAK registration number: EG19013374 Classification: other accommodation


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