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ÉSZAKERDŐ Erdőgazdasági Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság [NORTHERN WOODS Forestry Private Company Limited by Shares] boasts a history of nearly a hundred years. Following the Treaty of Trianon, the Miskolci Erdőigazgatóság [Forestry Directorate of Miskolc] was founded on 22 January 1925 to manage the woodlands holdings that remained within the current borders, the legal successors of which have been operating continuously ever since under various names.

The current company is categorised as a 'national asset of special significance for the national economy' under the act on national assets; it is 100% owned by the Hungarian State, and the rights of the owner are exercised by the Minister of Agriculture.

The main activity of the Company is forestry and other forest management activities; its other important activities include wildlife management, services associated with forestry, and miscellaneous for-profit forestry activities.

It performs its management activities through the operation of 14 traditional Forestry Directorates and the Operational Directorate of the State-owned Narrow-gauge Woodland Railway of Lillafüred. ÉSZAKERDŐ Zrt. manages an area of 107 thousand hectares in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, of which 103 hectares are covered in woodlands with gross volume of live tree crops of 27 million m3. The Bükk and Aggtelek National Parks were established on its areas falling under varying levels of protection. Currently, 78% of the managed area falls under some form of nature protection.


The purpose of forestry is the maintenance and improvement of the existing biological balance using state-of-the-art natural or seminatural forestry and wildlife management practices.

On the holdings of the Company, a countless number of popular hiking spots, more than 250 public-interest facilities, including 2 museums and 18 historical monuments, can be found.

The State-owned Narrow-gauge Woodland Railways of Lillafüred and Pálháza, managed by ÉSZAKERDŐ Zrt. transports several thousand tourists to the forests of the Bükk and Zemplén Mountains each year. The forest schools operated by the Company aim to teach environmentally conscious values to children.

Among the highly varied geographical - as well as agricultural - conditions, and in addition the nature protection measures, which are significant even on a national level, the goal of the Company is to manage, protect, and expand the forest crops in a worthwhile manner, while ensuring sustainable development. Through effective forestry practices, it aims to create a wide range of jobs for the local population, while also serving the market demand for wooden materials. Another objective is to ensure that future generations are able to enjoy the public-interest and touristic benefits of the forest, as well as those of environmentally-friendly renewable energy sources to a higher and higher degree. The Company aims to play an active role in land and rural development, environmental protection, and teaching environmental consciousness.

Adorján Zay
general manager
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